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Publication date 28.05.2014

Immediate loss of the driving license for speeding

Losing a driving license by those who considerably exceed the speed limit and temporary or permanent withdrawal of a driving license from those who carry too many passengers in their cars are the main goals of the regulations that are currently being drafted by the Ministry.


Drivers who considerably exceed the speed limit should fear the most that they may lose their driving license. Data gathered by the Police show that the majority of traffic accidents are caused by not adjusting the speed to the road conditions or to the traffic regulations. The idea is also to seize the driving license at the moment when the driver’s speed considerably exceeds the limit and to stop the driver immediately thus preventing any further threats to road safety.

The Ministry of the Interior has suggested that persons who exceed the speed limit by 50 km/h in a built-up area should have their diving license withdrawn for three months. Such a solution would be a novelty in Poland. However, it has been successfully applied in other EU countries, such as Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, the Netherlands or France. 

It has also been proposed by the Ministry that the driving license should be temporarily or permanently withdrawn from drivers carrying too many persons in their cars. The need for changes in this area is confirmed by cases of extremely tragic traffic accidents caused by this reason. 

Improving road safety is a priority of the Ministry. In all the Voivodeship Police Headquarters the number of jobs in motor vehicle departments has been increased to ensure that 10% of field policemen are assigned to preventive actions on the roads. In 2013 the number of casualties on Polish roads has decreased by 8%, compared to 2012. 

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