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Publication date 28.01.2014

CEPIK 2.0 – more facilities for drivers

The Ministry of the Interior modernises the Central Vehicle and Driver Register IT system.

The Ministry of the Interior modernises the Central Vehicle and Driver Register IT system. Work is carried out as part of the CEPiK 2.0 project. The project will be completed in 2016 but subsequent elements of the modernised system will be gradually activated as from this year. Under the CEPiK 2.0 project, the system will be extended by new functionalities to be used both by citizens and private and public institutions.

A very important change will be a possibility to verify a vehicle before it is bought. In 2014, as part of the “Vehicle history” e-service, an application will be activated which will allow to check how many times and when a given vehicle was registered as well as to determine if it is not stolen. These data will be available once the VIN, date of first registration and registration number of a vehicle we plan to buy are entered into the system. In addition, in 2014 we are going to introduce the “Safe coach” e-service. Thanks to it, parents who send their children to holiday camps or trips will be able to check, without leaving home, whether a coach which is to transport their children is roadworthy and in condition for legal operation. In order to achieve information about a vehicle, it will be enough to know its registration number. Necessary information will be achievable online – it will not be necessary to submit an application and wait for its consideration. It is worth stressing that only data on a vehicle will be available – information about an owner or holder still will be unavailable.

Since 2016, through the system, citizens will be able to achieve information about the number of possessed penalty points, driving licence categories and their periods of validity, periods of validity of documents and duration of a trial period. In addition, thanks to the system it will be possible to submit an application for updating data or issuing a document by electronic means. Also, a system of e-mail or SMS notifications on the incoming date of technical overhaul, conclusion of a third-party liability agreement and driving licence validity will be activated.

The CEPiK 2.0 project is implemented jointly by the Ministry of the Interior and Centre for Information Technology (COI), a specialised agenda of the Ministry of the Interior for IT.


The CEPiK IT system is used to keep two registers: central vehicle register collecting data on vehicles registered in Poland and their owners or holders and central driver register, containing data on persons holding driving licences. The system allows to supply information to these registers, to collect data therein and to make these data available. The basis for keeping the registers is the Act of 20 June 1997 – Road Traffic Law.

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